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Behind the smokescreen

Our Philosophy

We want to produce the best possible BBQ experience at a reasonable price, so that every customer wants to visit us again


Anyone can search the internet and find hundreds of videos about hot to cook brisket. Its part science and part instinct. Those in the know will tell you that every brisket is different. There are no time and temperature formulas that guide you. Cooking a great brisket is something visceral. You know its done by touching it, prodding it in the right places, knowing by feel that it is ready. At Lazy G we work very hard to make sure that every brisket is consistent. If its not right, we simply wont serve it.

Minimizing Waste

We try to ensure that nothing it wasted. We turn our brisket trim into burgers  and we render the fat into tallow. We are always looking for ways to use what we produce creatively.

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