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Garrett Elliott


Bill Wassenaar

Sometime in 2018, Garrett, let his guard down and cooked BBQ for people outside his tight circle of family and friends. It was a fund raiser for the Fall Festival at his church. The pastor heard through the grape vine he was a BBQ nerd and asked Garrett if he would be willing to smoke some pork butts to make pulled pork sandwiches for the festival. This was the first time he cooked for more than just family and close friends.

He smoked five pork butts and had to use two different smokers to make it work since he did not have anything big enough to hold all five. Showing up with pork butts, homemade sauce  and running on two hours of sleep he prepared sandwiches for everyone.

That's all it took. 

From that point on, Garrett was being asked to smoke briskets for family gatherings and more church functions. 

Garrett met Keith and Bill while playing in the church band and had this crazy idea to start a BBQ food company. 

All three share a passion for music, BBQ and bourbon. Maybe their love for bourbon had more to do with this crazy idea of starting a BBQ company than they would admit.

Keith Minne




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