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Why blog about BBQ?

Almost every culture in the world has some form of what Americans call BBQ, where meat is cooked over an open flame or using some kind of local wood based fuel. In South Africa, where I grew up, its called a Braai, the Afrikaans word for BBQ. Maybe BBQ is selling it short. Its more of a social event where meat is cooked, stories are told, relationships are renewed and everyone leaves feeling like the world is back to normal.

Texas, and Central Texas in particular is known for its smoked meats. Brisket, sausage and giant beef ribs adorn the menu of famous BBQ joints.

I have lived in Texas for over 10 years now and while I certainly appreciate my African roots, having ones mind opened to the possibility of cooking meat in multiple ways been life changing. I don’t say that lightly.

When you are so intrigued by the art and science of cooking a brisket to perfection, that you decide its worth investing money in a BBQ food truck, you know that meets the definition of the term “life changing”.

The Lazy G team is just beginning its journey. We know we have a great product. We know we will have to work hard and earn the loyalty of our community. We are keenly aware that starting a BBQ business in Central Texas can be considered a little like selling ice to Eskimo’s.

Yet, we decided it was worth it. We think we have something unique to offer. We love our own product and we want to share it with those around us.

Like a traditional South African Braai, we want BBQ to be part of our community. When eating good food, we can lay aside our differences and simply enjoy good food and good company.

We hope to see you become part of our family at Lazy G.

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